Used Training Bows

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Used 3-piece recurve training bows for sale. Sattva is selling their program equipment in order to get new gear! How used?  All bows have been used for multiple years, lovingly, by Sattva Center for Archery Training.

Sizes: 48", 54", 62", 66", 68".  All light weight.  

All bows are Farmington Bolt style bows (GreatTree Mohegan, GreatTree Element, Samick Polaris, Galaxy Bullseye, etc).  You cannot choose brand and model; you choose size, draw weight, handedness, and we send you the bow(s).

These bows are "as is."  In other words, they may need a new string or arrow rest.  When we see your order come through we will assess if we think your bow needs a new arrow rest or string and contact you to let you know.  If so, you will be given an opportunity to add a new string and arrow rest to your bow order.  

These items are first come first serve - we will run out eventually and will remove this item option from our web store when we do run out. These are not "out of stock" as indicated.  Please order the size(s) and weight(s) your desire and we will be in contact with you to tell you what we have.  

If you have a larger order (say you want 15, 66" bows) and we only have 10 of the bows, we will contact you immediately and refund you 5 bows.  Call with questions. 

DISCOUNT CODES: All used items are excluded from discount codes. If you are using a discount code, please purchase through a separate cart or call us. If you add a used product to a cart with a discount applied, we will not include them in your order. Thank you.

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