MK Z, 25", RH, Red

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MK Korea is known for its high performance, high quality control and exceptional attention to details.  MK Z starts out as a block of 7075 Aluminum and goes through 3 different stages of CNC processing before the finishing touches are applied. Use for Olympic Style or Barebow.

The center of gravity is placed more towards the front edge of the MK Z to make for a fast, crisp, clean feeling upon shot execution for maximum feedback from each shot.

The grip is made up of a non-slip pad that is both comfortable and practical as its absorption qualities help take the fatigue out of shooting.    

If you are picky about quality and want something that is flawless out of the box - choose MK.  


  • 2.9lbs
  • 7075 Aluminum
  • Left or Right Handed
  • 25" 
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