MK L3 Dual Riser, 25", RH, Black

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The MK L3 Dual Riser is the World's first adjustable length riser.  Switch between 23" and 25" riser by changing the placement of the limb bolt.  

2.6lb riser, RH Only, Aluminum Alloy, 23"-25" adjustable


  • With the non-slip pad, it allows preventing slipping when holding the riser.
  • The pad contains constant elasticity, it allows absorbing the impact of shooting.
  • With smooth shooting, it allows a neat shooting feeling.


  • The riser has a higher strength than Aluminum 6061 risers. It means the L3 risers can maintain constant performance without any modifications.
  • The L3 riser is made of a material which has high corrosion resistance. It means you can use the riser for a long time without corrosion.
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