Bolt Bow

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We have over fifty of these bows at Sattva for use in our group classes and travel programs for kids, teens, and adults. These bows are perfect training bows. We recommend lighter weights so that you can learn proper form.

The Bolt bows are manufactured by laminating hardwoods together to make a beautiful and strong riser. The riser has steel bushings for mounting accessories such as stabilizer, sight, cushion plunger and/or a bolt-on arrow rest. The 48" riser does not have a stabilizer bushing. The limbs can be removed from the riser without any tools.

We highly recommend this bow for beginning archers, camps, and backyard enthusiasts.

  • Laminated wood riser
  • Fiberglass laminated maple core limbs
  • Reinforced limb tips
  • Includes bow string¬†
  • Recommended brace height for 62" is 8 3/8"; 66" is 8 5/8"
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