Easton Club XT Backpack

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A well-made, attractive, and functional backpack designed to carry one take down style (ILF or bolt-on) recurve bow, accessories and arrows.

Features two main compartments.  The primary compartment features: 1) adjustable arrow tube to protect your arrows during transport; 2) a padded and zippered sleeve with two compartments designed to fit two limbs and a riser.  We find that there is enough room left over in this main compartment to also fit your quiver and perhaps even another riser in a riser sock.  The second compartment boasts 4 mesh pockets, either zippered or elasticized to hold accessories, extra layers of clothing, tools and more.  

Wear it as a backpack! Take care of your equipment and be comfortable transporting it!  There are bags that are more expensive out there - and certainly bags that are about $20 less than this one.  We choose to stock this bag because of the quality of craftsmanship and features seem to make it our favorite when balancing out the competition.

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