Astra Shot Trainer

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Shot execution is one of the most important parts of the shot cycle. Not only is the Astra Shot Trainer comfortable, it allows an athlete to receive immediate feedback as to whether or not they are maintaining tension and direction through shot execution.

Imprinting the proper neural pathways is key to performing any repetitive task with consistency. In order to imprint the proper movement, the athlete/musician/pilot/surgeon must practice making the movement correctly. After all, practice does not make perfect; Practice makes permanent. Practice the correct movement patterns and mind processes with the Astra Shot Trainer so that you can focus on the one detail that matters most during shot execution - expanding through the shot and maintaining tension and direction into follow through. Use with or without arrows.

How it works: check out the videos below and book a 30-minute virtual coaching session with Coach Kyle.

Size 1 fits most

Size 2 fits 12" bicep circumference and larger. 


| Coach Kyle Bissell

Comfortable: I've used four different styles of recurve shot trainers both for my own use and while coaching archers.
Durable: The Astra Shot Trainer is the most comfortable shot trainer by far and, while I have had components of other shot trainers fail - all the Astra Shot Trainers I use have stood the test of time.
Effective: They truly allow the archer to teach their mind and body to run the correct processes during and around shot execution. Well worth the investment.
Tip: If you are new to using one of these and do not have a coach to work with you, start out with lighter weight limbs or by only bring the string back part way to get a feel for how you MUST use your back muscles and angular motion in order to not collapse inward.

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