Arrow Bracelet

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The perfect piece of jewelry for the archery lover in your life, these arrow bracelets are hand-crafted right here in the Pioneer Valley by one of Sattva's own archers, Heather Beck. Choose from Sterling Silver or Copper & Silver.

Bracelets are 3/4” wide at their widest parts (the top of the arrow head and the middle of the fletching). The arrow’s shaft is 1/8th” wide (8g 1/2 round wire)  The length is 1” smaller than the wrist size that it is created for. Size 6 wrist, arrows are 5” long with a 1” gap for your wrist to fit into the cuff.

To get your wrist size: Overlap one end of a piece of string or strip of paper over the widest part of your wrist bones. Mark where they overlap with a pen or pencil. Measure the end to the mark on a ruler - This is your wrist size! 


Custom Orders Available!

Don't see what you want? Heather can custom make your bracelet for you. Please contact us with the size and the material you would like. Heather needs three weeks to craft your bracelet for you.

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