Aurora Armguard

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We see over 1000 archers through our doors every year for lessons, coaching and custom groups.  Our armguards get used constantly and must stand up to vigorous use!  

Features: The inside (backside) of this armguard is a soft, slightly fuzzy material that is quite comfortable against the skin.  The straps are wider than many armguards we have used and therefore more comfortable.  The buckles are push-style quick-clips that are easy to use.  One feature that we LOVE compared to other armguards we have used for our programs is that the end of each strap is hemmed/stitched!  This makes it impossible for the quick-clips/buckles to slide off when being used by clients.  

Sizing: The Aurora Armguard comes in two sizes - a long and what we refer to as a medium.  The long one is suitable to cover the entire arm of most youth and teen archers and most of the arm for many adult archers (~12").  The medium armguard covers the forearm on most adult archers and many teen archers and covers most of the arm on younger archers (9").  If you have a program that has beginning archers in a variety of ages, get the large - everyone will be happy and it will provide maximum coverage.

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